Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Herbalife price list 2013 for free

Have you had  your shake today?

I had my Red dragon fruit vanilla shake today,
-half of a dragon fruit
-formula 1 vanilla flavor
-formula 3
-400ml cold water
# blend everything and its done, yummy!!

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Continuous from my last entry : Herbalife price 2013 

As for those who does't know, up until now I have lose a total of 10kg in 5 month just with Herbalife. 

Just get to know about Herbalife? surely you want to know about the price first right? 

But where to get the latest price list of Herbalife product? 

From who should I get it? and  How to get it?

Easy, you can get the latest Herbalife price list from me for free!! How? Below here are few ways,

1) Email me at shydd07@hotmail.com or, 

2) Give me a call or sms at 013-8149819 or,

3) Comment on my today's blog entry or,

4) give me a message at facebook (Sharon Yong)

and ask from me for the price list either from East Malaysia or West Malaysia, because in term of price there would be a slightly different. 

Other than that, if you happened to live at or nearby or even pass by Kuala Lumpur, you can drop yourself at 

Ground Floor, Plaza See Hoy Chan,
Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,

and get yourself a free copy of the latest price list at the counter area, where it is very easy to spot.

Although it is announced that the price of Herbalife product has increased, but the price is still reasonable and affordable.